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We don't really have a place to go right now, do we? Stay home and stay healthy this Christmas and watch the snow and the aerosoles from your window.

Let's face it: even if you're not single, Christmas 2020 will be a bit more lonely than other years. Send this christmas card to your grandmother, father in law or  favorite ex and Elvis will tell them this Christmas will be blue without them.

Oh the virus outside...

Blue Christmas

Merry Single Christmas

Merry Healthy Christmas

These days you don't trust anyone with a red nose, so even Rudolph decided to wear a blue masked. Have yourself a merry healthy Christmas!

Even Chris Rea probably isn't allowed to drive home for Christmas 2020. #lockdown #stayhome #staysafe.

Rudolph the blue masked reindeer

'Staying home' Mug

Lighten up the heart <3 of your supersingle friend who is on dating apps all the time!

Being on dating apps... brings you lots of fellows to ghost! Even during Christmas... or maybe especially during Christmas, when people would love to be snuggled up together.

Oh Tinder-dates... You never know whatcha gonna get! Christmas can turn from heaven

to hell.

Merry Single Christmas

Making out in the snow

12 days of Tinder